Managing and improving your cash levels – WC

Your goals

Our solutions

To analyze key processes and WC performance
To develop an operating action plan to increase WC, integrating Quick Wins

  • To support in rolling out this action plan with operations staff
  • To strengthen dedicated teams
  • To direct the project’s operations jointly with the internal project lead
  • To promote Cash Culture among the operations staff
To define and implement tools to track and steer performance (dashboard, WC reporting, cash flow forecast)

Our teams and how we help

Team :

  • A seasoned team with experience leading numerous WC optimization projects
  • A pool of senior advisors, ready to help fill the gaps in the target system

How we help :

  • Proven skill in integrating client teams and driving change from the inside out
  • Broad knowledge of diverse sectors, enabling us to grasp particular challenges
  • Effective methodology, centered around a toolkit that helps us quickly pinpoint your challenges
  • Fees are tied tightly to the results achieved