Managing and improving your cash levels – Financing

Your goals

To streamline your financing policy 1
To streamline your financing policy
To improve your balance sheet structure2
To improve your balance sheet structure
To finance investments3
To finance investments
To fix cash flow problems4
To fix cash flow problems

Our solutions


1. Fundraising advising across a wide range of lines of :
- Asset-based lending (reverse factoring, clients, stocks, real estate, equipment)
- Mid- and long-term banking in the form of a club deal or bilateral deal to finance investment or acquisition operations

  • To identify and analyze assets
  • Presentation file
  • To select and negotiate with financers
  • To help with contractualization
To streamline/adapt the group’s finance policy to its new challenges

Our teams and how we help

Team :

  • A highly seasoned team with experience leading numerous financing projects
  • A pool of senior advisors, ready to help fill the gaps in the target system

How we help :

  • Broad geographical support thanks to our strategic Duff & Phelps network and our network of financiers
  • Broad knowledge of diverse sectors, enabling us to grasp particular challenges
  • Fees are tied tightly to the results achieved