About us

June Partners, for a fresh start

June Partners is a results-oriented operational consulting firm that supports companies in transformation (growth, rationalization and reorganization, technological change, financial crisis, performance research, etc.). The firm relies on a team of multidisciplinary experts with extensive operational experience, able to assist in:

  • Financial transformation: from improvement in the service rate and productivity of the finance function to the reduction of working capital and cash management requirements
  • Operational transformation: the implementation of measures that optimize each of the key positions within the company when taking office (Chair, GM, CFO, HRD)
  • Operational corporate finance: implementation of customized systems, providing clients with a strategic plan for preparing an asset for sale, for carrying out an acquisition up to integration (Build-up, Carve out) from building the financing strategy to the implementation and to raising financing

June Partners was formed from a management buyout, and it is 100% owned by its Partners.

The firm has 10 Partners, 50 experienced employees, senior sector advisors and business experts working in France and abroad.

A team that has chosen to work together to build a different financial and operation management consulting firm, with complementary expertise that enables it to support its clients throughout the performance value chain, including the most operational aspects.

Committed to excellence

The difference we make to our clients

who decided to work together to create a unique firm, with the ambition of getting back to the basics of consulting: finding and implementing solutions for business performance

results-oriented and focused on the client’s particular challenges

and a unique modus operandi dedicated to achieving successful missions: go quickly, be agile, pragmatic, reactive, flexible and work as a team with the client

"hands-on," demanding, creative, performing, "client dedication"